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Some sample projects

Anar : Iranian Restaurant in Dubai

A good example of the use of specked Moulex :
This restaurant, located in the Souk de Madinat Jumeirah, close to the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, has been renovated with cast Persian patterns.

Abu Dhabi Central Market

"The Souk" part of Central Market has been rendered with a custom "Enduit de Montmorency" based coating.

Client : Aldar
Architect : Foster + Partners

Masdar City, Abu Dhabi

Our products have been selected for the external and internal renders of Masdar City, the new Clean city in the United Arab Emirates.

Architect : Foster + Partners.

Counter-typing the old Dubai Jumeirah's 17th century plaster

With the help of the archaeologists of the Dubai Government, we analysed and reconstituted the ancient Jumeirah mortars.

Louvre, Room of the 7 meters

Thie room, in the XVIIIth Century part of the Louvre Museum holds the Italian Primitives collection. It has been decorated in sanded stucco plaster, smoothed with lime and waxed.

Architect : Lorenzo Piqueras

The Louvre Museum, Salle des Etats

The Salle des Etats famously holds the Mona Lisa and the Wedding at Cana.
It was renovated in a plaster & lime stuc in a sienna earth color, smoothed then waxed.

Architect: Lorenzo Piqueras

Office staircase in "Fond de Stuc"

Fond de stuc in a residence of the XIXth century.
Villiers le Bel, France.

Museum of Quai Branly

The largest stucco marbre in the world, carried out by sprayed application in less than ten days.

Architect : Atelier Jean Nouvel

Restoration in Cormeilles-en-Parisis

This town house, typical rural architecture of the Ile de France, has retained its original character, after its renovation in Montmorency Coating.

This scrupulous restoration is a good test case for many buildings, rural or formerly rural housing in the Paris region, including the Vexin, Brie, Essonne or Orxois.

The Square Baudouin: the Pompadour Pavilion

This “folly” has found again its aesthetic musing between its textured "tapestries" and its stretched out plaster & lime backgrounds.
Paris - XXth arondissement.

L'Haÿ les Roses

The traditional tinted plaster and lime coating of this 19th Century bourgeois dwelling has been completely renovated with hollow joints and quoin work carved in the solid.

Renovation of the Chapelle Notre-Dame de Lorette

The chapelle and it's vault have been renovated with a trowel finished Enduit de Montmorency and new casts using the original technique.

Applicator : Au Plâtre d'Antan

Entrance Hall restored in Stuc Pierre

Boulevard Gouvion Saint Cyr
Paris XVIIème

Collège des Bernardins

The grand beauty of this historic 13th Century structure has been rediscovered using a penetrating treatment of gypsum mortar and a coating with Stuc Pierre.

- Mr. Hervé Baptiste, Architect in Chief of the Historic Monuments
- Mr. Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Entrance way in stuc, smoothened

Residential building in cut stone, early XIXth century.
Paris VIIth arrondissement.

Architect : Espace Construit.

Castle of Montbard

Old private mansion of Buffon, the Castle of Montbard was restored with plasters & lime coating identical to the original .

Architect: Mr. Pallot, ACMH

Castle of Grosbois

In the park of the National Technical Center of Trot, the old Orangery was restored on the model of the castle itself.
Fake brick, fake stone and flocking is made out of our Stuc Pierre.

Building owner: Société d'Encouragement du Cheval Français (Company of Encouragement of the French Horse)

Insulation from the outside of a Haussmann style building

A new technique - the Isothentic system –  makes insulation from outside possible, ensuring an efficient thermal protection while preserving the traditional plaster and lime finish.
Enterprise :  Peinteco.

Ancient private mansion, avenue Bosquet

This façade of this old Parisian private mansion has been refurbished in our Stuc Pierre.

Rue Cassette

The façade of this XVIIth Century timber-framed building has been restored in its original plaster material (without sand), textured with the berthelet.
The fine-grained texture obtained is characteristic of the traditional Parisian finishings.

Place des Vosges

Facades carried out in stuc brick (plaster of exterior tinted in red brick with joints first dug out and then filled up in white) directly applied on real brick.

Architect: M. Lagneau, ACMH.

Fondation Louis Vuitton

Haut lieu pour l'art et le culture, la Fondation Louis Vuitton a pour vocation d'allier art contemporain et architecture innovante.
Imaginé par Frank Gehry, cet édifice se dresse au  Bois de Boulogne à Paris tel un vaisseau tiré par ses 12 voiles de verre.

Gypseries en Stuc Pierre

Restauration de façade sur une maison de ville du XIXème siècle en Seine-Saint-Denis.

Chantier labellisé par la Fondation du Patrimoine.