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Entrance Hall restored in Stuc Pierre

This vast edifice (late XIX – to early XX century) surrounds 4 stairwells arranged symmetrically, plaster and then painted.

During its recent complete renovation, it was decided to use Stuc Pierre with refilled joints.
The color and grain were chosen from amongst standard historic types.

A minimum of 1/2” of the existing coating was removed by pick sometimes to all the way to the cinder block support.
Large holes were filled with masonry filler.

Stuc Pierre was then spray applied by pump, leveled and compressed by masonry rods.
After the coating was cut in order to improve its flatness.

After waiting 48 hours (to achieve sharp edges), false joints were cut 12 mm deep.
The joints were then refilled with white plaster. It was not necessary to protect the surface of Stuc Pierre or the edges of joints, as explained in the following step.

After the joints have completely dried, everything was sanded with using paper of 80 to 120 grit removing up to 1 mm.
This results in a clean joint line and renders the surface of Stuc Pierre like a finely honed limestone.

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Datasheet : Stuc Pierre


45, boulevard Gouvion Saint Cyr
75017 Paris