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Private mansion of the avenue Bosquet


Located 15, avenue Bosquet in Paris, close to the Military Academy, this old private mansion was built originally in rubble work (moellons) coated with a "stuc pierre".

It has just been restored, in an identical manner.

The facade, after a purging of the old stucco and a preparation, received a coating of our fake-stone mortar Stuc Pierre of 1 9/16 inch or 40 mm thickness (25 mm thickness minimum at the bottom of the future joints + the 15 mm of depth of the future hollow joints).
After hardening for at least 48 hours, so as to obtain crisp edges, one scores the hollow joints with the jointing tool, sort of a hand plane with successive blades that present a profile following the section of the joint (actually consisting of right and left alternating half-sections ).

Here, it is already finished, since here the joints were not refilled in white.

Product reference : PFD 1042
Technical data sheet : Stuc Pierre

Stuc Pierre