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Castle of Montbard

Old private mansion of Buffon, it is constituted of formerly 3 buildings joined together at the end of the XVIIIth century, with creation of a regular rhythm.
It is about certain that the plaster of origin came from the chalk pit of Sombernon, near Montbard and cited by Buffon himself in its "Natural History*.

The plaster & lime coatings were recreated with a texture and color identical to the original. In particular, the central trave was underlined by a plaster mortar made out with a rather coarse russet-red sand, thrown flocking's style on the facade then washed to emphasize the sand element. It was restored strictly and identically to the original one.

The various belt courses were carried out with all the existing techniques:

The building must shelter the future Buffon Museum..

Product references

On courtyard: PG 100 ; PFD 7051 ; Moulex 7051 ; PétraLine 7051 ; PFD 5468 (flocking) ; Bad 5439 (patina)

On street: PG 30 ; PFD 6550 ; Moulex 6550

Building owner: Town of Montbard
Architect : Mr. Pallot, ACMH

Castle of Montbard in the Guide of the Castles of France.