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Insulation from outside

Insulation from the outside of a Haussmann style building


Until now, it was almost impossible to provide insulation of old buildings from outside without impacting their appearance.


The only method was to insulate from the inside which, while reducing the living space, had a significant impact on the life of the inhabitants.  


A new technique - the Isothentic system –  makes insulation from the outside possible ensuring an efficient thermal protection while preserving the traditional plaster and lime finish. This technique was developped by Peinteco. 

The courtyard façade  (more than  700 m²- 7500 fts) and the south gable of this Haussmann style building (35 apartments) were badly damaged. They  were both renovated using this very new technique. The façade has been renovated to its exact original state.

The comices, pediments and windowstills have been made with precast elements.


Look at the very neat work done on the flashing courses.

Product references

Company in charge of the renovation :

This project was covered in an article in l'Entrepreneur n° 259 (in French)  :