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Restoration in Cormeilles-en-Parisis

This is a town house in the old city center of Cormeilles-en-Parisis. The owner is a connoisseur of ancient heritage, knowing the plastering. He will require the renovation of facades in an exemplary manner. For this acknowledged customer, it is out of the question to renovate with a pseudo historic floated lime plaster. The old facades of Cormeilles are made of plaster!


For this he has entrusted the study of this heavy work to an architect specialized in heritage, who conducted a rigorous project management, occurring in several stages.

First, a preliminary diagnosis verified the feasibility of the work and estimated cost. An examination of the composition of the facades has then validated the hypothesis of performing the work with plaster for exterior.

Then, a file of existing plans has been established to identify the disorders, to quantify the work, then provide a basis for sketching with several variants of facade projects.

After choosing a specific project, the compiling the file of project plans and specifications allowed to materialize the agreement on the work to be done. This file is essential for obtaining administrative approvals and consulting firms and was supplemented by a written description, providing the basis for works contracts. There appear particular details of implementation of the plastering of renovation.


Siding facades were performed last, with a Enduit de Montmorency coating, cut finished. The same colour was chosen for this coating as for the Tirex. The mounting of the treated coating and cutting, gives a fine finish, flat, perfectly adapted to this particular urban architecture.

Note the finition of the façade’s band, rebuilt traditionally, typical of this architecture.

Products used


Mouldings and frames