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History and areas of expertise of Plâtres Vieujot

Plâtres Vieujot is a family company founded in 1880 by Adolphe Vieujot. The picture on the right was taken in 1899.

The first kilns are installed in Villetaneuse, Seine Saint Denis, France.
The Company later moved to Montmagny and started up again in 1947 in the “Pavé Saint Paul” quarry in Soisy sous Montmorency, Val d'Oise, where gypsum plaster manufacturing is already proven in 1760.

As long as 1899, it already manufactures coloured gypsum plaster for exterior use and, more than a century later, remains the last French independent gypsum plaster manufacturer.

In addition to producing gypsum plaster in powder and blocks form, Vieujot maintains the tradition of producing high quality exterior gypsum plasters and stuccos.
In 1996, the company Plâtres Vieujot decided to concentrate on those technical and historical plasters i.e. renders for decoration and plasters for renovation and restauration.

To bring out the outstading natural qualities of these materials, three simple principles apply:

These principles relate to the requirements of the finishes:

This method is next, therefore applied to other building materials :

This original approach, and the high standard of quality it allows, explains the involvement of the company in many prestigious projects, more and more internationally.