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Louvre, Room of the 7 meters

In the XVIIIth century area of the Louvre Museum, this room shelters the collection of the Primitive Italians.
It draws its name from the height of the ceiling.

The work was completed in 1996-1997. It is a plaster stucco, with a rough-casting plaster (coarse plaster), top coat (~ ½ inch / 15 mm) in stuc plaster, then, after drying, sanding and eventually, smoothing with lime.
To finish, the coating was waxed with a colorless wax.
The gray parts are also made in stucco.

The partition panels perpendicular to the principal walls are self-sustaining:
they are composed of a metal structure covered with wire-lath.
This wire-lath was then coated.

All the trappings were also carried out in the same stucco within frameworks with stainless ridge.

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Addresse: Louvre Museum, Paris, France
Building owner: Etablissement Public du Grand Louvre
Architect: Lorenzo Piqueras