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Entrance way in stucco

Entrance way of a Parisian cut stone building of the XIXth century.

Address: rue de Montessuy, Paris VII arrondissement (close to the Champ of Mars)

The product is a stuc marbre manufactured from a yellow marble powder (DécoMarbre).

DécoMarbre was directly coated on the support on a thickness of 5/8 inch / 15 mms. It was cut ( with a sharp Berthelet) for flushing and then smoothed and burnished. Once dry, it was scored with tool in order to realize the groove of the horizontal joints.
Lastly, once completely dry, it was waxed in order to protect it from stains.
The surface of this stuc treatment is of 3213 sqft / 300 m2.

Product references: Yellow DécoMarbre

Building owner: private owner

Architect : Espace Construit