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Wall base Triple V (and TVN)

Wall base Triple V (and TVN)
Triple V is a traditional mortar with a lime and natural cement base, ready-to-use.


Triple V is a traditional mortar containing lime and natural cement, ready-to-use.
TVN (Triple V Natural) is its rough-trimming complement.

Application field

Triple V is intended for the repair of exterior wall bases in old buildings.
These walls can be homogeneous or composite (bricks, wood frames, nog, ragstone roughcasts with fine sand or lime mortar,…).


Triple V yields the breathing properties of traditional natural “bastard”mortars. It was developed by the School of Avignon for the Town of Versailles, in order to take into account the important phenomena of capillary action related to the marshy nature of many grounds in the city.
It is thus particularly recommended for all the walls with porous structure (cut stone, rough-cast masonries with lime or fine sand mortar, timber frame).
It makes it possible then for the wall base to perform its regulatory role with the foundations and the ground capillary action.
In addition, these lime mortars lend themselves well to the always possible movements in old works. Lastly, after drying, Triple V recarbonates with air and forms a calcite surface which confers it resistance and durability.
Pre-mixed, it avoids any risk of proportion error: it is used with a concrete-mixer after the traditional manner.

Aspects and range

Triple V has this “skin” of the traditional wall bases of Versailles,France.
Relative to the sand added on building site, various roughnesses and aspects are possible. Moreover, the finish can be smoothed, floated or washed according to the effect looked for.

Preliminary works

In all cases, it is essential to carry out a scarifying of the old wall base, a treatment of the support pathologies, then a dusting off with a jet.
All the non-adherent elements to the support or of insufficient quality must be removed. The support must be clean, free from soot, bistre or efflorescences.
The parts very deeply pickaxed must, before coating, be the subject of a mesh “filling” with materials and an implementation identical to those of origin.
All the heterogeneities of the support must be wire-lathed.


The implementation of Triple V follows the tradition of the lime mortars. It is in conformity with the recommendations of the D.T.U. 26.1. ( French norm)
Because of the presence of lime in the product, it is imperative to wear gloves.
Triple V should not be applied below + 5°C/ 41 F, nor on frozen support or thawing.
By hot weather, it is necessary to ensure its protection against direct action of the sun during the work and the first days of drying (7 days).
Not to apply in very hot weather nor in full sun exposure.
Triple V can be wasted manually in a rubber container or concrete-mixer. With 10 volumes of dry sand of granulometry adapted to each layer, it is advisable to add from 3 to 6 volumes of Triple V, according to the resistance of the support. Water is added in order to obtain a homogeneous paste allowing an easy implementation. In the case of very strong thickness, one proceeds in successive layers, with a scraped finish for each one of them.
The completion can be done by scraping, floating or smoothing.

Precautions of use

The wall base must be protected from back splashes until its full hardening.


from 3 to 4 kg/m ² per cm thickness approximately (except sand), or ~ 0.6 to 0.8 lbs/ sq ft per cm thickness with no sand


4 months safe from humidity, in a dry and clean room.


in paper bags of 25 kg / 55 lbs.

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