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SimiliPierre is a hydraulic binders based mortar suitable to imitate limestone.


SimiliPierre is a mortar based on hydraulic binders, ready to use, containing specific silico-calcareous sand, choosen for its esthetic qualities.
Mainly used during the 19th century, SimiliPierre make possible very fine stone-faking.

Field of application

SimiliPierre allies the hardness of cement mortar with the esthetic of real stone.
Application remains classical in spite of his very elaborate final aspect. SimiliPierre can be used for plastering and/or casting.

Aspects and Range

Every traditionnal lime finish (eg smoothing, scrapping, trowelling, ...) is suitable for SimiliPierre. But it takes its greater esthetic interrest being sandblasted, sandpapered or finished with stone work tools.
SimiliPierre exists in a great range of color and texture matching your project.

Precautions of conception - preliminary works - Implementation - etc…

SimiliPierre is to be used according classical rules of the art of a traditionnal hydraulic mortar.
Especially, most of the cases are considered in DTU 26.1 (French generic technics description) or local such document.
It could be used on the entire thickness, but for saving reasons, it's generally used only as finishing coat.


In paper bags, on covered pallet.
Bulk tinted and ready-to-use.

Version 1.2

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