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Vieujot Plâtre à plancher

Vieujot Plâtre à plancher is a terrazzo type floor finish plaster.


Vieujot Plâtre à plancher is a floor plaster made out traditional high-calcination gypsum plaster, pigments and eventually coloured marble aggregates.
Finish can be lustré (with patina) or poncé (sand-papered).


Vieujot Plâtre à plancher is designed to realize interior decorative floor on a minimal thickness of 15 mm.
It can be applied on any rigid enough support but cannot be considered as having any structural role.
The final anti-wearing treatment must be adapted to the traffic.


Very decoratives, Vieujot Plâtre à plancher allow to choose independently the colour of the background, and the size, colour and density of the marble aggregates, in a completely dry-mixed form.
Already mixed, Vieujot Plâtre à plancher yields a mechanization and a fast and safe execution. This allows large surface coating without marks. Tinted in the bulk it keeps clear of dosage errors.
Of course, it's fully compatible with old gypsum flooring systems especially the heritage ones, traditional in many areas (France, GCC, Switzerland, Italy, etc...).
Its surface hardness is exceptional and give high-end quality works.

Finishes and colours

Vieujot Plâtre à plancher allows terrazzo type aspects as well as uniform terracotta style.
Of course, you can also reach the inimitable softness of traditional gypsum and juss floors.
Colour, size and density (down to zero) of marble or terracotta aggregates are chosen freely.
The – pre-mixed – colour is also made to measure.


The support must be rigid, safe, clean, with breakage and respectful of the rules of the art.
An absorption regulator must be applied on the support before application of the plâtre à plancher.
Perimeter strips (minimal thickness : 5 mm) must be installed on the periphery of the floor.


Respect traditional application rules of gypsum floor plasters.
Especially the plaster should not be applied at a temperature lower than 5° C, neither in full sun exposure or under the rain, nor on frozen support.
Mix with clear and unsalted water to workable, homogeneous consistency for pouring (a paste bearing itself on 2 cm must be achieved) and trowel ruling.
An adapted mixing machine can be used.

Apply by complete panels of less than 60 m² (max dimension : 8 meters ; max length-width ratio : 3).
Stop bead will be preferably in alumina or brass.
Apply in one coat at a minimum thickness of 15 mm (in case of several coats, ask us for more instructions).

Cautious traffic is possible after 12 hours but make sure Vieujot Plâtre à plancher stays wet during at least 48 hours after mixing (i.e. no color changing). Water spraying and/or tarping can help.
Then the obtained hardness permits the finishing by lustrage or ponçage.
Lustrage - or finish lustré - gives the patina of ancient gypsum floor plaster. It is obtained by brushing the surface with flexible brush on wet or dry surface. Wet conditions gives more rustic aspect.
Ponçage - or finish poncé - gives a smoothed surface. It is done dry or wet with finer and finer, softer and softer marble grade sandpapers.

An hydrophobic and anti-wearing treatment shall be applied (generally once dry : refer manufacturer instructions).


12 to 15 kg/m² per cm thickness.


About 4 months kept off from humidity, in a dry storage room.


In paper 25 kg bags on pallets with streamers.
Original or custom-tinted. With or without aggregates.

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