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Pétrus is a reconstituting and repairing mortar for cut stone.


Pétrus is a renovating mortar for cut stone, by refill to reconstitute and fix damaged stones, for interior and exterior alike.


Pétrus allows to repair limestone, including soft stone and chalk, as well as siliceous stones and sandstone


Pétrus avoids replacement of damaged stones.
Pétrus has the same structure as stone, down to the microscopic level. This allows to conserve not only all the aesthetic features of the stone (grain and color) but also all its technical properties: porosity, hardness and aging.
Pétrus is customized and matches the hardness or tenderness of the stone type to repair.
Pétrus offers a great support adherence, without primer of any kind . Pétrus, repairing product by reload, is worked the same way stone is, with the same cutting tools, and without time limitation ( it never become harder than the stone).
Pétrus doesn’t contain hydraulic binder, lime or cement, nor any resin and doesn’t need any fixing primer. Hence it respects the stone and performance particularly, the wall hydraulic performance.
What is more, complete absence of hydraulic binders makes Pétrus perfectly compatible on a chemical level with the stone and traditional rough-casting and rejointing materials.
These metallic mortars, century old, are perfectly adapted to cut stone renovation.

Finishes and colors

Pétrus is custom-made to match the stone to fix.
Thus we always start with an actual sample of the stone.

Limits of use

Do not apply a thickness less than 3/8 in.
Do not apply Pétrus on aluminum, metal, zinc or wood.
Pétrus does not offer any adherence on plaster or fat lime.
Do not apply on a wet surface, in full sun, during hot weather nor below 5 °C (41 °F).
Please contact us if in doubt about the Pétrus type to use or its preparation.


Pétrus : Mix of stone powder and metal salts, custom color according to the stone to fix.
Aqual : liquid solution of zinc salt, transparent and slightly ambered.


Elimination of the non or insufficiently-adhering parts. Squaring of the stone to obtain edges if possible with undercut, at least 3/8 in. In case of powdering or crumbliness, need is to first mineralize without hydrofugation.
Make sure always to have a clean surface, dry and sound.
Beyond 2/3 in. thickness place a mesh with nails and wire.


To insure that the Pétrus is proper to the nature and support aspect, first make a test.
1°) Mix Pétrus powder and Aqual Liquid so to obtain a homogenous paste.
2°) Apply the mortar with a trowel. Tighten the product on the support leaving a overcoat. Don't smooth.
3°) Carry out a scraping when the take has begun in order to open the capillary network as well as to create the pre-shape, leaving a slight overcoat. It is appropriate to eliminate all smooth parts.
4°) Carry out the desired finish after drying of the mortar (severals days), with the same tools used for the original stone : chisel, bush-hammer.
5°) It is imperative not to weld the stones together : the joint must be preserved. It will be made of Pétrus Spécial Joint in the case of exposed (base-wall in particular) or will be waterproofed, or of PétraLine.


Aqual is corrosive : it is imperative to wear gloves. In case of accidental contact with skin or eyes, abundantly rinse with water and consult with a doctor. Do not swallow.
During application, ventilate the room.
Never mix Aqual with another liquid.


About 20 pds/sqft per 3/8 in. thickness( powder + liquid)


One year in a closed packing, storaged, away from frost and humidity.


15 kg powder + 7 kg liquid (30 pds + 14 pds).
Color and property on request.

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