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MC 400

MC 400 is a pozzolanic lime intended for the landmark buildings conservancy.


MC 400 is a pozzolanic lime, fabricated exclusively from fat lime (CL 90).

Field of application

Heiress of the Roman mortars, MC 400 is used like a traditional lime.
It adds to the qualities of fat lime a pozzolanic setting, which allows a slow and regular growth in resistance, as well as a process of "self-healing".
Contrary to a hydraulic lime, MC 400 does not contain any compound of the silico-aluminate-calcium type . It thus avoids the disadvantages they cause.

Aspects and Range

Every traditionnal lime finish (eg smoothing, scrapping, trowelling, ...) is suitable for MC 400.

Precautions of conception - preliminary Works - Implementation - etc…

MC 400 is to be used according classical rules of the art of traditionnal lime/cement mortar, but a slower hardening.

Version 1.1

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