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Jihar Stuc DataSheet

Jihar Stuc is a stuc for decorative plastering following traditional techniques.
Its use is for professionals at ease with the technique.


Jihar Stuc is conceived for the realization of stuc and thin-coat decorative mix on plane and homogenous background.
Its use is for professionals at ease with the technique.
It is composed of high-grade gypsum plaster, specific agregates, pigments.

Application field

Jihar Stuc allows many traditional technique usage : stuccos, venitian plaster, tadelak, "stuc pierre", "stuc brique", burnishing, brushed finishing, ...
Jihar Stuc is also recommended for all applications on plaster panels, on concrete panels, on aged (paint removed) plasters, and generally on any plane and homogenous supports.


Jihar Stuc, because of its balanced composition is compatible with most of the traditional and modern supports.
Its application is effectual and very safe.
The work is very pleasing, with a very fine rendering.
Its quick and even take ensures a great applying comfort and a fast spread.
Not only Jihar Stuc allows high quality finishing, but also its easinness of application. Finally, after drying, Jihar Stuc naturally re-carbonizes and grows a surface calcite ensuring its hardness and durability. It can then be waxed.
Jihar Stuc constitutes an ideal base for professionals who desire to secure and optimize their work.
Jihar Stuc can be manufactured, custom-made (load, color, specific adjuvants) even in small quantities.

Aspect and colors

Jihar Stuc is a white powder of fine granulometry, inferior to 0,6 mm, compatible with most loads and adjuvants.
Used pure, Jihar Stuc allows an infinite variety of renderings and skins. Preliminary testing is of course necessary.
A specific version is suitable for our Stuc Pierre process.

Preparatory conditions

It is essential to always carefully prepare all supports :
* eliminate the areas sounding hollow and/or crumbling and old irregular repairs
* repair in conformity with the remaining parts
* remove of old paint coat , preferably with non-chemical means
* treat support pathology, particularly wood props and disorganized masonry
* riddance of metals
* dust
* if necessary, allover catch up in Jihar Stuc (berthelet coupé finish).

In time the support must be sound, clean, soot , bistre or efflorescence free, plane and homogenous : there is otherwise risks of spectral apparition.
Although Jihar Stuc can be applied in thick coat, in the case of large thickness or to cover wood pieces, we advise a step preparation : FS Filler, PG and MG range or Mortier de Montmorency (mortar ) are suitable solutions generally adapted (cf corresponding data sheets).
In the case of low-grip support, and especially with old paint, a prime coat may be necessary, following testing.


Jihar Stuc must not be applied bellow +5 °C, on frozen or thawing support, on very hot day nor in full sun exposure.
Because of the presence of lime in the product it is imperative to wear gloves and protective glasses.
The realization pertains to the tradition, the respect of the laws of the art and the professional "savoir-faire".
Particularly aggregates, loads and pigments are dry-mixed (ask us for a pre-mix).
Porous supports must be soaked to saturation and have set before application.
On the contrary, impermeable supports must not be wet .
Jihar Stuc is mixed with a mixer in a rubber container to form a creamy blend (about 9/10 l of water for 25 kg of pure Jihar Stuc).
The coat is generally 5 to 6 mm thick.
Applying time is about one hour (setting time custom-made).
The finishing is done in the following hours or sometimes the day after. Most commons finishes are coupé, poncé, poli and lissé.


Between 6 and 8 kg/m² on plane support.


4 months in closed bags.


25 kg lined paper bags on pallets with streamers.

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