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Impact of HF Skim Coat System on the environmental characteristics of a work

Impact of HF Skim Coat System (eventual HB Base Coat and HF Skim Coat) on the environmental characteristics of a work
The information which it contains is based on the state of our knowledge relating to the product concerned, at the date indicated. They are given in good faith.
The update made on December 14th, 2010.

Target 1: harmonious relation of the building with its immediate environment

Gypsum plaster is a tradition material in many areas for centuries : its use ensures good relationships with its environment and users.
Moreover, the HF Skim Coat can be custom-made, for example after a countertype, which makes it possible to adapt to each local environment (color, grain, texture, presence of possible impurities, type of finishing).
Lastly, this type of coating refracts powerfully the light which yields pleasantly bright and warm surfaces.

Target 2: selection of the products and the application techniques

Certain points are to be noted because they contribute to a low impact of HF Skim Coat System :
* being mineral products, the impacts in term of chemicals are very reduced.
* manufacture is custom-made, on order and in the quantity strictly necessary: no over-consumption, no surplus after application, nor waste due to expiration date.
* the delivery is made from the factory to the building site directly: this minimizes the impact of transportation.
*the process can dispense from the use of painting, with all that it implies
* the longevity of such a renovation is very long: it is common to note intervals between renovations (except regular operations of cleanings: brushing, sanding or white-washing) spanning from 50 to 100 years.

Target 3: building site with low nuisance


The consumption of resources is reduced to that of raw mineral materials (gypsum, limestone) in quarries which are given back to natural vegetation, and to that of gas.
The production do not cause harmful effects on the environment (absence of dust or other) and consume little water.
They produce water steam and a little CO ² which is reabsorbed at the time of the product implementation. They do not produce solid waste.
The fuel used is natural gas.
On the building site:

The implementation consumes only water (not necessarily drinking water).

It only produces as waste, the conditioning packing (bags, streaming, pallet) easily managed (reusable in the case of pallets which represent 80% of the waste) on the building site. It should be noted that the products can also be delivered in big-bags.
Concerning the implementation, one will prefer the implementation with a spraying machine ( electric in 220 volt (absence of group) or standard voltage), preferably a spraying machine type for plaster (less cleaning). During the life of the product: maintenance is done by simple brushing or sanding (possibly by white-washing/ aqua forte).

Target 4: energy management

Cf card-indexes QE ( environmental quality) for energies necessary to manufacture.
Utilized energy is primarily gas. The heat insulation efficiency is better than that of a traditional rough-casting. The porosity of the product ensures salubrity and a warmed-up-wall effect which makes it possible to reduce the costs of heating.
Moreover, it avoids the recourse to one CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation).
It should be noted that energy is minimized in the case of a manual implementation or with the use of a machine to spray the plaster (preferably to a machine to spray mortars).

Target 5: management of water

Manufacture consumes no water and do not create used water. The application uses 14 l/m ² (2 l/m² if HF Skim Coat is used without HB Base Coat), to which it is necessary to add the water for the cleanings of the tools.
It should be noted that this water is minimized in the case of manual application or the use of a machine to spray the plaster (preferably to a machine to spray mortars). This used water does not pose any problems on the level of their treatment by the conventional stations of purification.

Target 6: waste from fabrication activity

The manufacture does not generate waste in significant quantities.
The implementation generates:
* empty packing (bags and wrapping films ) which may easily undergo revalorization (energetically or in recycling).
* wood slats of the pallets which can be directly re-used (standard format 1.10 x 1.10 m; or even can be brought back to us ).
The slow setting time avoids the unnecessary losses of products on the building site.
Even in the mechanized application, it is possible to avoid any loss of product.
It should be noted also, that the products can be delivered in big-bags.

Target 7: maintenance

Maintenance is virtually non-existent.
Maintenance is done by simple brushing or sanding or white-washing.
In the case of appearance of microscopic cracks, for whatever cause (movements of grounds, of the frame work, thermic effects, etc…), the coating will remain non -infiltrating, frost-resistant and non-pathogen that which avoids any intervention.
The product is insensitive to UV and to acid rains.
In interior, the strong resistance of the coating confers him a great perenniality without maintenance.
Tinted in the mass, it supports degradations well and can be renovated by simple sanding.
In order to reduce the dust contamination, in interior, it is possible to finish it by smoothing and then to wax it with a natural wax.

Target 8: hygrothermic comfort

Gypsum plaster renders are porous: it ensures a perfect salubrity of the buildings.
In interior, thanks to its very strong gypsum plaster content (> 80%) it ensures a permanent hygrometrical regulation by first absorbing vapor when in the presence of very moisty air, then by yielding it back (with a capacity for absorption from 3 to 5 g/m ²).
Its porous character, avoids possible condensations and the installation of a CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation) with the discomfort which it can cause.

Target 9: acoustic comfort

It is comparable with that of the other mineral coatings.
In interior, its cut -finishing skin will avoid reverberation. Its implementation in coating makes it possible to avoid phonic bridges.
Its porous character avoids the recourse to a CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation) and the noise which it generates

Target 10: visual comfort

The product is very pleasant to the eye with a fine texture and a good capture of light.
The color and the final skin aspect are custom-made .

Target 11: olfactive comfort

No nuisance, neither during manufacture, nor during use. At the time of the implementation though, it is advised to wear a mask because of the dust.

Target 12: ecological quality on the environment

The product does not have any known harmful effect on the environment, nor on man, except the precautions of usage to be respected due to the presence of lime (cf MSDS : inter alia, and without being exhaustive: port of the gloves, port of the mask, non ingestion, non exposure of the skin or the mucous membranes, compliance with the rules of implementation).
Its manufacture does not include processes affecting human health.
Its main raw materials are minerals, without solvents or chemicals potentially harmful.
The product is without effect on bio-diversity at any stage of its cycle.
The implementation is respectful of good working conditions:
* the bags , 55 lbs / 25 kg
the product is ready to use
* the density of the product is low (consumption of 11 kg/m² for HB Base Coat and 2,5 kg/m² for HF Skim Coat) and the setting speed is slow
* the peripheral techniques are not harmful: no chemicals or solvents , neither before, nor after;
only the pose of wire-lath in the case of heterogeneous supports.
* the application can be mechanized
* the handling of this type of product valorizes the qualification of the plasterers carrying it out.

Target 13: salubrity quality

HF Skim Coat system ensures a perfect salubrity of the works.

Target 14: quality of the water

The process does not influence the quality of the water (no rejection). The implementation produces only used water from the cleaning, which does not pose any problems of treatment in the conventional stations (the possibility of using a machine to spray the plaster reduces cleaning water consumption compared to a traditional mortar spraying machine).
In operation, the product is without effect on the quality of water.

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