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HF Skim Coat System

HF Skim Coat System is an Skim Coat for finishing on plasterboard or on our associated HB base plaster.


HB Base Coat is a lightweight gypsum plaster.
HF Skim Coat is a gypsum Skim Coat, composed of hard gypsum plaster and specific aggregates.

Application field

HB Plaster can be applied on concrete and blockwalls.
HF Skim Coat can be applied on plasterboard (except moisture resistant ones), HB base coat, FS Filler or cement-based base coat.


HB Plaster constitutes an ideal base for HF Skim Coat.
The application is easy and natural, with efficient simple rendering.

HF Skim Coat gives an excellent hard and fine finish
Its application is effectual and very safe.
The work is very pleasing, with a very fine plastering.
Its quick and even take ensures a great applying comfort and a fast spread.
It can then be waxed or painted.

Aspect and colors

HB and HF are a white powder of fine granulometry, inferior to 0,6 mm.

Preparatory conditions

It is essential to always carefully prepare all supports.

Considering HB Base Coat preparation :
* eliminate the areas sounding hollow and/or crumbling and irregular repairs
* repair in conformity with the remaining parts
* treat support pathology, particularly wood props and disorganized masonry
* riddance of metals
* in anycase the support must be sound, clean, soot , dust, bistre or efflorescence free. Shrinkage must be finisehd (concrete support).

Considering HF Skim Coat preparation :
* on plasterboard, joints must be reinforced with adpated joint tapes * do not use HF Skim Coat on moisture resistant plasterboards * on HB Base Coat, the surface must be flat and scratched (cf supra) * on cement-based undercoat, the surface must be flat and scratched to obtain a good keying. Shrinkage must be finished. * in anycase the support must be sound, clean, soot , bistre or efflorescence free, plane and homogenous : there is otherwise risks of spectral apparition and delamination.


HB and HF Plasters mustn't be applied bellow +5 °C (+41 °F) on frozen or thawing support, on very hot day nor in full sun exposure.
The realization pertains to the respect of the laws of the art and good site practices.
HB Base Coat application :
* Porous support coats must be soaked.
* Invertly, impermeable supports mustn't be wet .
* HB Base Coat is mixed with a mixer in a rubber container to form a creamy blend and then trowelled on the wall. It can also be applied by plaster projection machine.
* the minimal thickness is 11 mm.
* the final surface must be flat and even but is cratched after first setting to insure a good keying of the HB Skim Coat.

HF Skim Coat application :
* Porous base coats must be wet (and have set) before application.
* Invertly, impermeable supports mustn't be wet .
* HF Skim Coat is mixed with a mixer in a rubber container to form a creamy blend.
* the coat is normally 2 mm thick.
* the final surface is finished by smoothing.
* wait fo complete drying before any painting works.


HB Base Coat : around 9 kg/m² (on a thickness of 11 mm).
HF Skim Coat : around 2,5 kg/m² (on a thickness of 2 mm).


4 months in closed bags.


Lined paper bags on pallets with streamers.

Version 1.3

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