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Custom-made manufacture

Custom-made manufacture
Custom-made manufacture are carried out starting from 5 bags and up, they can contain plaster, lime,… or of any powder binder.


We manufacture any custom-made mix in powder, starting from 5 bags and up.

Field of application

The custom-made mixtures may be containing plaster, fat lime, hydraulic lime, natural cement or any other binding agent, provided or not by the customer. They can include any type of aggregate (siliceous or calcareous; many granulometries are available).
They can be manufactured in white or tinted. They can include traditional additives or be provided by the customer. They can even be pre-mixed, intended to be incorporated in other manufactured products.


Custom-made manufacture makes it possible to facilitate and renders safe the use of complex mixtures on the building site or in the workshop. They also allow a saving in time for the mixture preparation and/or the mixing of the raw materials and decrease the risk of losses.
In short, they are cost effective by saving you time and reducing the possibility of errors. They also allow thus, to test new products and/or new versions under good conditions.


The formulator places at the disposal of DécoSystème and the possible applicators all the data of safety relating to his products and/or his components. Moreover, it explicitly draws the attention of DécoSystème to the aspects of the product or of its components, intrinsic or related to its manufacture, its handling, its storage or its use, bringing into play safety.


Custom-made manufacture is implemented under the responsibility of the formulator. DécoSystème could not be held responsible for any disorder or damage related to the utilization of these mixtures.


Out of paper bags of 55 lbs / 25 kg, doubled EP on pallets.

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