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Coatings and Mortars of Ile-de-France

Coatings and Mortars of Ile-de-France
The Vieujot mortars and coatings are customized materials.They are manufactured to adapt to the specificity of the francilian building, both for interiors as well as for renovations (exterior).

Our approach

Manufacturer of tinted plasters and mortars since 1880, we propose our experience in matters of materials belonging to the old building tradition.
In particular, we chose to adapt our materials to a case by case situation for any building, and not the other way around, which enables us to respect the diversity of the local traditions.
For example, we can perform an analysis for any given existing coating, in order then to countertype it in an exact manner:
Do not hesitate to consult us.

Field of competence

We honor, once again all the materials of the traditional building:
* First of all, of course, plaster: the material par excellence of the Ile-de-France region, which is constituting the base for the majority of the local specifities: interior and exterior coatings, cut finishing; washed plasters; belt courses and cornices; sloping walls; plat bands, smoothed; stuc pierre and stuc bricks; …
* then, lime, or rather the limes: traditional fat lime (for example lime paste in pit), but also natural limes of the XIXth century building construction, on the outskirts of the Parisian basin.
* raw earth in all rural zones: coatings, cob, mortars of fine sands, etc…

Product range outline

The Coating of Montmorency: plaster and lime for renovation and restoration of the old buildings, cut finish with a sharp“berthelée”( rake): it is tinted in the mass , custom-colored as requested.
The Briard Plaster: coarse plaster of rural manufacture, it presents impurities which make for its richness: unconsumed charcoal, uncrushed limestones,….
Rabbit Lime : fat lime and fine sand mortar (or “sablon”), with an astonishing ease of implementation, it is present in the South of the Seine-et-Marne and the Essonne departments.
Tuilex: wall base material made of broken tile or roman mortar, it is characteristic of all the east of the Ile-de-France region.
Earth of Séléné: mortar containing raw earth, especially adapted to the cob support , rammed or adobe.

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