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Enduit de Montmorency on wire-mesh structures

The "Enduit de Montmorency is a gypsum lime plaster that can be used on wire-mesh structures.


Composition : special high-quality gypsum and lime plaster
Range of use : interior and exterior
Color : white, can be custom-colored on demand
Finishing : can be painted either with a designated paint or can be left genuine.
Different finishes are possible : "coupé" (cut), "gratté" (scraped), "lavé" (washed) or "lissé" (smoothed)


Water resistance : excellent except local streaming water
Below freezing resistance : excellent ; traditionally used in very cold climates (Alps, Saint Petersburg)
Fire resistance : unburnable ; excellent fire protection


Support : self-supporting wire-mesh adapted to the weather conditions
(can also be applied on traditional masonry)
Delivery : in 55 lbs/25 kg paper bags, ready to be mixed
Application : by hand or sprayed with a machine
Thickness : 1 3/16 in./30 mm in exterior use ; 3/8 in. /20 mm in interior use
Consumption : 0.9lbs/sqft per cm /10 kg/m²/cm of thickness. That is 6 lbs/sqft or 30 kg/m² for exterior and ~ 4 lbs or 20 kg/m² for interior .
Weight : ~ 2.4 lbs/sqft or12 kg/m²/cm of thickness. That is 7.4 lbs/sqft or36 kg/m² in exterior and ~ 4.9 lbs/sqft or 24 kg/m² in interior .

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