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DécoGypse is a colored decorative mortar. It allows coating and finishing at the same time on any traditionally built support.


DécoGypse is a decorative plaster mortar.
It is fabricated from natural gypsum and silico-calcareous sand.
It is color-customed (in the bulk).


DécoGypse intended for interior coating only (walls and ceilings),on any usual built supports, clean and sound: terra cotta, breeze block, gas concrete, etc...


Ready-to-use, DécoGypse allows a very easy application whatever the phase (adjustment, tightening, cutting, felting, scraping or smoothing).
Already mixed, DécoGypse yields a mechanization and a fast and safe execution. This allows large surface coating without marks. Tinted in the bulk DécoGypse keep clear of dosage errors.
Whatever the finishing, surfaces realized with DécoGypse won't crumble.
Its surface hardness is exceptional and give high-end quality works.

Aspect and Colors

The tint in the bulk are custom-made : any color can be perfectly matched. DécoGypse granulometry is also custom-made : from most fine marble powders to most rough sands.
Hence, DécoGypse according to the chosen grain can be finished, smoothed, scraped, felted, washed, etc...
Moreover, the taking time is adapted to each utilization.


On new support, make sure it is clean and respectful of the rules of the art.
For renovations, dig up the old coating and all non-adhering or lesser quality support elements, then dust off. If necessary re-work the support which must finally be clean, soot, bistre or efflorescence-free.
In case of aged supports ( rubble stone, wood section, cob, etc...) Enduit de Montmorency is preferable.


DécoGypse application follows the DTU 25.1 rules.
GypsoLight mustn't be applied below 5 °C (41 °F), nor on frozen or thawing support. Do not apply in hot weather or full sun. The support must be humid in depth.
It is mixed by hand with a mixer in a rubber container or it is projected with an appropriate machine. It has to form an homogeneous paste holding on fills at least 3 cm (1 ¼ in. ) thick (10 to 12 li/bag).
A DécoGypse coating must be everywhere at least 7/16th in.
In the most usual version, one disposes of about 2 hours to spread and adjust. The take occurs in the 2 to 3 following hours.
The finishing can then start, as soon as the chip comes off the tool, that being generally in the afternoon.
The smoothing, cutting or scraping is then carried out. Other releasing time are also available on order.


12 to 13 kg/m² per cm thickness (8 to 10 pds/sqft² per 7/16 inch).


About 4 months kept off from humidity, in a storage room dry and sound.


In paper 25 kg (50 pds) bags on pallets with streamers.
Original or custom-tinted : granulometry on order.

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