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AquaForte Technical Data

AquaForte is a lime-wash specially designed to suit with gypsum-lime mortars, as our Enduit de Montmorency.


AquaForte is a traditionnal lime-wash, made out pure natural fat lime.


AquaForte can be used anytime you want wash a surface, inside as outside.
AquaForte is suitable on limestone, lime mortars, gypsum-lime renders and more generally any porous surface.
Reinforced with resin, it can also be used on any surfaces as concrete. In this case, this addition of resine improves the resistance to wearing.


AquaForte is completely traditional.
Due to its purely mineral composition, AquaForte gives a very smooth and mate surface.
Moreover, AquaForte is recommended to finish works in gypsum lime renders as Enduit de Montmorency.
To improve covering, overlaying is possible.
After setting, AquaForte recarbonates to the air and forms a hardened calcite surface.

Aspect and range

AquaForte basis is white. It can be mass-tinted by adding lime compatible mineral pigments like ochres or earths.
These two products can be delivered premixed, with the exact selected color match.
According the number of coating, the covering is more or less strong. Please note than final covering is obtained when the product is dry.


AquaForte contains lime. Thus usual precautions (gloves, glasses, ...) must be observed. Application is to be made by skilled people.
Moreover AquaForte is not a paint. AquaForte doesn't give protection against weathering to the treated support. Its role is decorative.

Preparatory conditions

In every case, support must be dry and dusted.


Working with lime is a matter of following the rules of the art and our technical specifications.
For special cases or for additional information, please contact us.

Because there is lime in the mix, it is imperative to wear gloves and protective glasses.

AquaForte should not be applied in very cold temperatures (not below 5 °C / 41 °F), or on a frozen or thawing support.
In hot weather, the coating needs to be protected from direct sun exposure while work is in progress and during the first hours. Do not apply the coating on very hot days or under direct sun.
It is hand-mixed with the help of a mixer in a rubber container.
Mixing ratios are :
* in volume : 1 volume of AquaForte for 2 volumes of clean water
* in weight : 1 weight of AquaForte for 4 weights of clean water

Then apply AquaForte with a large squared brush. A good stressing is necessary to insure a good penetration of the product.
Be sure the mix remains homogeneous in the container. If necessary mixed it again.
Generally, the application should be done in one coat, but overlaying is possible to improve the covering. Nonetheless, please note than the covering can be judged only when AquaForte has dried.
Addition of resine on site is possible to improve resistance to wearing.


In powder : 50 g/coat/m²


4 months, away from humidity in a dry and clean storage room.


In 5 kg buckets.
White or custom-tinted.

Version 1.4

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